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Bioenergetics is a very popular system of holistic energy medicine which has evolved from Homeopathy. Bioenergetics has a positive effect on the vital force of the body and assists it in built a defence mechanism to heal itself. When unwell the bodies energetic systems are unbalanced, by correcting these imbalances with the appropriate remedy the body is able to naturally start to heal. The immune system is stimulated to overcome the symptoms, restore overall health and combat the stress and discomfort illness can cause. Like other energy medicine Bioenergetic remedies do not contain any material or physical amount of the original substance, only the energy or vibration is left.

Crossgates also provide the very popular non-invasive Energetic Hair Analysis, ideally suited for those experiencing chronic, recurring, underlying or undiagnosable problems. The analysis is not a medical test; it tests for energetic imbalances in the body using a hair sample as a witness to the client, meaning it can be carried out on anyone, anywhere. The test produces a print out of the imbalances present and a bespoke combination remedy to correct the imbalances and promote healing.

Julie Dodgson Managing Director & Founder

NNEB.MLC.Hom, M.A.R.H & R Hom, Bio-resonance & Flower Essence Practitioner, Nutritional Healing Certificate.

Julie started her career as a nursery nurse and then became a sales manager for a well known health and beauty manufacturer. As the wife of a busy dairy farmer, she was used to fitting her working life around four children and the demands of a thriving farm.

Her life was changed in 1995 when she became extremely ill and found herself immobile for twelve months. Realising that conventional medicines and treatment had no effect on her condition, Julie was cared for by a close friend who introduced her to different health options, including a consultation with a homeopath. With help, Julie slowly regained her health and her journey into learning about alternate therapies began.

Initially Julie developed remedies for use on the animals at the farm, refining the processes to combine her remedies with the Bioresonance systems and establishing the Crossgates Bioenergetics brand. It was a small step to then introduce the remedies for human use.

As the business grew, larger premises were found and now a team of 13 dedicated staff are at Crossgates to help you. Today, Crossgates Bioenergetics helps people and their animals all over the world.

Julie qualified as a Homeopath at The Lakeland College of Homeopathy in 2009 and has developed her marketing and management skills over the years. She continues her dedication to developing new ways of healing.

We are now very proud to have Hair & Beauty Salon up and running at our site here at The Barn, Gargrave.

A wonderful and very unique calming environment to take away the stresses of the day or to have a totally indulgent time for “you”.

All the products used in the salon by Sally, our trained beauty therapist are all Natural Mineral products, which are allergen fragrance free, contain no parabens or animal ingredients.

Rachel our stylist at the Hair Studio stocks organic & contemporary products and offers a range hair techniques and services.

For hair & beauty appointments please telephone 01756 748881

For more information please E mail human@crossgatesfarm.co.uk or telephone 01756 749901