100% Organic Apple Cyder Vinegar with Black Garlic

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We have combined our Apple Cyder Vinegar with Black Garlic to enhance the benefits already found in ACV, as well as to add antioxidant qualities, antiallergenic qualities and anti-inflammatory qualities from the Organic Black Garlic. There is a slight garlic taste.

Made from whole, British apples our unpasteurised Apple Cyder Vinegar is literally alive, it contains all the goodness of the “mother” which forms naturally from pectin and apple residues. This appears as molecules of protein connected in strand like chains. Over time, if left undisturbed this may become visible to the naked eye as a cobweb like substance. The colour of ACV may vary depending on the variety of apple used.

Ideal for marinades, sauces, dressings & other culinary uses.