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Bach Flower Remedies.

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Each of the remedy states, which Dr Bach described, has a positive and negative aspect – he saw the negative conditions as the true cause of illness and disease.

You can select a single remedy, or make up different combinations, using up to six remedies.

The 38 Bach flower remedies fall into three groups – you may choose freely from any of them.

The flower embodies the positive state – their natural vibrations help us to be happy and return to health.

(-) Indicates negative condition causing illness

(+) Indicates positive help from the remedy /essence

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Twelve Healers 

See if one of the Twelve Healers fits your personality or nature. For example an impatiens type is tense and irritable, Mimulus people are shy and nervous. Look for a true correlation between your true nature and the remedy description.

Agrimony (-)  worry hidden by a carefree mask, apparently jovial but suffering

(+)  steadfast peace.

Cerato (-)  distrust of self and intuition, easily led and misguided.

(+)  confidently seek individuality

Centaury (-)   kind, quiet, gentle, anxious to serve, weak, dominated

(+)  an active worker

Chicory (-)  self – pity, self – love, possessive, demanding, hurt and tearful

(+)  love and care that gives freely to others

Clematis (-)  dreamers, drowsy, absent – minded

(+)  brings down to earth

Gentian (-)  discouragement, doubt, despondency

(+)  take heart and have faith

Impatiens (-)  irritated by constraints, quick, tense, impatient

(+)  gentle and forgiving

Mimulus (-)  fright of specific, known things, animals, heights, pain etc., nervous, shy people

(+)  bravery

Rock Rose (-)  feeling alarmed, intensely scared, horror, dred

(+)  the courage to face an emergency

Scleranthus (-)  cannot resolve two choices, indecision, alternating

(+)  balance and determination

Vervain (-)  insistent, wilful, fervent, enthusiastic, stressed

(+)  quiet and tranquillity

Water Violet (-)  withdrawn, aloof, proud, self-reliant, quiet, grief

(+)  peaceful and calm, wise in service

Seven Helpers

See if there is a chronic condition among the Seven Helpers, which describes how you have become accustomed to life. They are support remedies, often used in combination with a chosen remedy from the Twelve Healers

Gorse (-)  no hope, accepting the difficulty, pointless to try

(+) sunshine of renewed hope

Heather (-)  longing for company, talkative, over concern with self

(+)  tranquillity and kinship with all life

Oak (-)  persevering despite difficulties, strong, patient, never giving in

(+)  admitting to limitations

Olive (-)  exhausted, no more strength, need physical and mental renewal

(+)  rested and supported

Rock Water (-)  self – denial stricture, rigidity, purist

(+)  broad outlook, understanding

Vine (-)  dominating, tyrant, bully, demands obedience

(+)  loving leader and teacher, setting all at liberty.

Wild Oat (-)  lack of direction, unfulfilled, drifting

(+)  becoming definite and purposeful

 Second Nineteen

See if among the second nineteen there are remedies corresponding to emotional conditions arising from everyday life.

Aspen (-)  vague, unknown, haunting, apprehension and premonitions

(+)  trusting the unknown

Beech (-)  intolerant, critical, fussy

(+)  seeing more good in the world

Crab Apple (-)  feeling unclean, self – distrust, small things out of proportion

(+)  the cleansing remedy

Chestnut Bud (-)  failing to learn from life, repeating mistakes, lack of observation

(+)  learning from experience

Cherry Plum (-)  for the thought of losing control, of doing dreaded things

(+)  calmness and sanity

Elm (-)  capable people, with responsibility, who falter, temporarily over whelmed

(+)  the strength to perform duty

Holly (-)  jealousy, envy, revenge, anger, suspicion

(+)  the conquest of all will be through love

Honeysuckle (-)  living in memories

(+)  involved in the present

Hornbeam (-)  feels weary and thinks cannot cope

(+)  strengthens and supports

Larch (-)  expect failure, lack confidence and the will to succeed

(+)  self – confident, try anything

Mustard (-)  gloom suddenly clouds us for no apparent reason

(+)  clarity

Pine (-)  self – critical, self – reproach, assuming blame, apologetic

(+)  relieves a sense of guilt

Red Chestnut (-)  worry for others, anticipating misfortune, projecting worry

(+)  trusting to life

Star of Bethlehem (-)  for consolation and comfort in grief, after a fright or sudden alarm

(+)  balance and harmony

Sweet Chestnut (-)  unendurable desolation

(+)  alight shining in the darkness

Walnut (-)  protection from outside influences, for change and the stages of development

(+)  the link breaker

White Chestnut (-) unresolved, circling thoughts

(+) calm, clear mind

Wild Rose (-)  lack of interest resignation, no love or point in life

(+)  spirit of joy and adventure

Willow (-)  dissatisfied, bitter, resentful, life is unfair and unjust

 “Rescue Remedy”

Dr Bach chose five of the flower remedies as a combination naming it “ rescue remedy”.

This may be used in any kind of emergency, or in circumstances when we need immediate help, before and after moments of difficulty or any kind of upset.

Includes: –

Clematis, Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose, Cherry Plum

“Rescue Remedy”