Castor Oil


Castor oil packing is cleansing the whole intestinal tract and by nature of the closeness of the intestines to the blood and lymphatic network – it also cleanses these vital body fluids.

Castor oils fatty acid content is nearly ninety percent Ricinoleic acid, which produces a cleansing of the small intestines. It also enhances the elimination of toxic substances from the cells local to where the castor oil is applied, most often the cells of the liver.

 Castor oil packing has known to: –

 Increase and balance eliminations

Stimulate the liver and gallbladder and reduce nausea

Dissolves and remove adhesions and lesions

Releases colon impaction

Increases lymphatic circulation, thereby enhancing the immune system

Improves intestinal assimilation

Reduces inflammation and flatulence

Increases relaxation

Co-ordinates liver-kidney function

Stimulates organs and glands


Do not use castor oil pack in pregnancy unless under the guidance of a qualified practitioner.

The pack comes with Castor Oil, cotton cloth and full instruction.