Flower Essences

Crossgates have a wide range of Flower Essences  which are available in a 30ml spray or 250ml bottle.

A special discount of 25% on all our For You Love Systems range of Australian Bush Flower Essences

Combination Flower Essences

A range of 10 combination essences formulated for specific application to assist with the whole family’s emotional care and wellbeing.

Select from Relationship Essence, Space Clearing Essence, Calm N Clear Essence, Solaris essence, Cognis Essence, Travel Essence, Creative Essence, Dynamis Essence, Confidence Essence & Emergency essence

Individual Flower Essences

A range of over 60 individual flower essences for your emotional well being.

Bach Flower Essences

A range of 38 Bach flower essences to help you deal with your negative feelings and emotions.