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The new vegetarian and vegan suitable Celadrin is an exciting new supplement now available to include as part of your anti-inflammatory support programme. Celadrin is considered an aide to joint mobility and flexibility.

  • Celadrin is believed to work in a similar way to the essential fatty acids from fish oil in providing support during the inflammatory process.
  • Celadrin induces changes at the cellular level and positively affects the responsiveness of the cell membranes thus protecting them from the action of the inflammatory immune messengers.
  • This Vegan Celadrin is from plant based sources with oils including; palm, palm kernel, olive, nutmeg, coconut and unsaturated vegetable oils. The oils go through a process of hydrolysis, distillation and finally esterification prior to encapsulation and presentation to the market.
  • For those with on-going inflammatory reactions the benefits of Celadrin have many positive anecdotal reports. Trials also demonstrate positive outcomes with improvement in motion and function of joints including knee, elbow, wrist and hands.
  • Celadrin products available previously were obtained from bovine sources which restricted its use for vegetarians and vegans. In addition the fact that it was an animal based product with concerns for the source has limited its popularity. This new plant based source of Celadrin has a fatty acid complex identical in structure to the bovine form and research shows it to be equally effective.
  • Suitable for Men, Women, children aged 12 years and over and the Elderly
  • This supplement Free from Genetically Modified Substances and suitable for Vegetarians, vegans, and for people with Candida and lactose sensitivities.
  • Each gluten-free capsule comprises 400mg of pure Celadrin

Recommended use:
Adults and Children aged 12 years and over: – 2 capsules acutely and once symptoms have improved reduce to 1 capsule per day. Take with food.
Suitable for: Vegetarians, vegans, and for people with Candida and lactose sensitivities.
Contraindications: None
Non-Active Ingredients: -HPMC – Capsule shell. This product does not contain any excipients
Non GM & Free From: Dairy, wheat; starch, gluten; lactose; soy; added sugars, colourings, flavourings & preservatives.