Cranberry Salt Brushing 500g


This product is for weekly use, to be used once or twice a week. It’s an exfoliating product. The first step in your routine.

Spa Find Cranberry Salt Brushing combines the deeply hydrating and stimulating properties of the original award-winning Salt Brushing, with the addition of powerful anti-ageing plant extracts of Borage, Evening Primrose and Grapeseed. Hydrating Aloe Vera, Grapefruit and Jasmine provide soothing, healing and anti-wrinkle results. The Cranberry Seed and Dead Sea Salt exfoliation mix gives an intense body buff treatment to remove dead skin cells and leave tired and mature skin glowing and youthful.

Directions for use
Standing in the bath or shower, take a small handful of Cranberry Salt Brushing and apply all over a dry body, using circular movements. Relax in your warm bath or turn on the shower and wash with Spa Find Mineralizing Bath Shower Gel.

Please take care when using this product as it can make some surfaces very slippery.