Full wash Enteroclisma enema


An enema is the introduction of a fluid, for example, water into the large colon via a nozzle, which is attached to an enema kit. The kit is simply a receptacle that holds fluid. Up to 2 pints of enema fluid will be held in the lower part of the colon, that is the sigmoid colon up to the sigmoid flexure.

Enemas are beneficial for: –

Used for retaining supportive fluids in the bowel (for example linseed tea for hydration or chamomile tea for relaxation.
Flush waste out and encourage the body to use them as a major route of elimination (70 -75% of waste should e eliminated through the colon)
They aid absorption, via the haemorrhoidal vein, which carry substances through the circulatory system, in order to treat the liver.
Some types of enemas will also indirectly support other organs.

Water enemas help by detoxification of the body and can contribute to rehydration.
The bowel movements they create encourage the use of the colon as a major route of elimination.

If you feel unsure, pressurised or worried seek help first

Sever piles
First 3 months of pregnancy.