Green Black Walnut Hull 50's


Freeze dried green black walnut hull

330mg freeze dried capsules

Do you have any of the Following Symptoms?

Diarrhoea or endless loose bowel movements

Abdominal Pain

A lot of gurgling or churning accompanied by the first two symptoms

In a study of 120 IBS patients 31%* were found to be Parasite infestations. If the original symptoms can be traced back to foreign travel, it increases the likely hood of parasites as the cause. The most problematic destinations include: India, Nepal, Eygpt, Dominican Republic and Turkey. We have also found some people with parasiteswho have never travelled outside Britian, soforeign travel is not always the Cause

* (From the real casue of IBS by Michael Franklin www.ibs-solutions.co.uk

330mg freeze dried capsules

Another possibility for IBS is Candida overgrowth, please go to Biokult Candea for more information.