Horse Hair Analysis

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Initial Analysis

The analysis covers 222 different categories & each category contains many different imbalances.

A separate program is also run to target the specific area of your choice. You are asked to choose one of the following: Cardiovascular, Digestive, Genitourinary, Musculoskeletal, Respiratory, Endocrine/Hormonal or Psychological.

What You Receive

  • A “Body Activity Status Log” showing which categories were detected as being problem areas.
  • A “Report Of Biofield Imbalances” to show what was detected during the extra program.
  • Results Overview via telephone to discuss the main issues detected by the analysis.
  • Bespoke 250ml remedy or programmed e-Pendant

Please select either the 250ml remedy REMEDY £20.83+vat (which will last around 3 month) or E-PENDANT £26.50+vat (which will last 3 months before it requires re-charging) from the list. If you already own an e-Pendant you may choose to return it to be re-programmed for this analysis.

Once your order has been placed we will send you out a test kit through the post, follow the instructions, fill in the form & return with the sample of hair asap. Once the sample is received it should take no more than 5 working days to be returned to you.

Follow On to Improve and Maintain Condition (for use only after the Initial Analysis)

As with the Initial Analysis the Follow On Analysis covers 222 different categories, each category containing many different imbalances.

What You Receive

  • A “Body Activity Status Log” showing which categories were detected as being problem areas and the bespoke 30ml remedy or the re-charging of your current e-Pendant.
  • Please select the 250ml SPRAY REMEDY, PRE OWNED E-PENDANT to be re-charged or NEW E-PENDANT from the list.

Please do not hesitate to contact our staff direct to discuss how Hair Analysis may benefit your horse. Tel: 01756 749444

Please follow this link to our informational website for a list of all the categories covered by the analysis.