Human Bio-resonance Remedies

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All our human bio-resonance remedies are available as a liquid, cream and/or added to an e pendant.

Our liquid bio-resonance remedies are available in sizes: -30ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1 litre and our bio-resonance creams are available in two sizes: – 60ml & 500l.

We also offer 7 x Glass vials, each containing approx 35 soft (quick dissolve) bio-resonance tablets all within a plastic carry case in the form of a kit.

Please contact us on 01756 749901, 9am and 4.30pm weekdays to discuss your requirements or e mail human@crossgatesfarm.co.uk

All our liquid bio-resonance remedies are in a 5% organic grain ethanol/water solution.

Base cream ingredients are purified water Ph EUR, almond oil BP, emulsifying wax BP, borax BP.