Ikoo Brush .Metallic Collection.


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  • Cherry
  • Oyster
  • Pacific
  • Rose
  • Soleil

High-gloss lacquered and sealed, the metallic collection is the first Limited Edition range of the ikoo brushes. The shimmering colours ikoo Rosé, Cherry, Pacific, Oyster and Soleil bring glamor and a sense of lifestyle to your hair!

The Ikoo brush not only focuses on untangling hair but also stimulates the energy meridians. Thanks to its ergonomic form, it fits perfectly in the hand so that pressure gets distributed evenly. It massages the scalp and energy meridians in several spots simultaneuosly, making brushing a pure wellness experience.

Ikoo brushes are made of acrylic and hand-crafted precious resin; therefore easy to clean 

The Ikoo brush has been developed with the help of renowned TCM specialists (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

.Available Colours. 


Pink stands for creativity, dignity, zest for life, affection, emancipation

-Pink can be even more poweful than bright red- Jackie Kennedy


Gold states glamour, wealth, sunshine, warmth, jet set, inspiration

-We must never confuse elegance with snobbery- Yves Saint Laurent


Rose symbolizes elegance, love, care, comfort, divine energy

-I believe in rose- Audrey Hepburn


Turquoise signifies energy, impulse, satisfaction, joy, peace

-To grasp that the sky is blue everywhere, one does not have to travel around the world- Joann Wolfgang von Geothe


Silver represents prosperity, charm, abundance, purity, serenity

-Big girls need big diamonds- Elizabeth Taylor