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Indigo Flower Essences

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As the name Indigo suggests, these essences have been especially formulated with the needs of the sensitive Children in mind. These children can have a very difficult time integrating with others, both at home and in school. Many of these children have very strong energy and definite views about life which can be challenging both for the children and for their care givers. These combinations for Kids Essences can be very useful when you feel that you’ve reached an impasse with your children and can’t see a way forward. They will help you all keep things in perspective and keep lines of communication open so that you can all find a way to move on.

Essences are available in either 30ml’s or 250ml’s


When you feel bothered by bullies, Champion helps the child who is afraid of others and often gets picked on. Champion wants us to know that our real strength comes from inside ourselves and that we can contact that strength by breathing in and pretending that we are already strong. We have no real enemies, love is much more powerful than anything in the universe.


When you’re boiling up inside, chill out with this essence and your anger will subside.

Chill helps the child who feels very, very angry and can’t seem to find a way out of it. It’s normal to get angry now and again but sometimes you get stuck in anger and this is where Chill can help. Work with Chill and it will help you to talk about what is making you feel angry so that you can come to a resolution.


When you’re feeling nervous or panicky or when you have a mental block in tests, confidence helps the child who doesn’t believe in him or herself. Confidence wants us to know that we are special and extraordinary beings just the way we are and we don’t have to prove that to anyone!


Don’t go mad ’cause you’re feeling sad, with help from happy you won’t feel half as bad.

Happy is for children who feel sad a lot and don’t know why and also for children who try and lock their sadness in and hide it; perhaps because they are afraid that if they start crying they’ll never stop. Happy wants us to know it’s OK to cry. The tears will come to an end and then the sun can shine in your heart again.

Invisible Friend

For when you’re feeling lonely or scared and you wish someone was there to give you a big hug and tell you that everything will be all right.

Invisible Friend is for the child who feels lonely and scared. Invisible Friend wants you to know that you are never alone. You are surrounded by beings you don’t always see, who love you very much and will always be there to talk to. They know who you are and will do everything they can to help you.


When you are so hurt and angry that you can’t feel anything, just cold and stony inside, we send this essence of love to repair the damage.

Love wants to say “Don’t give up on love. No matter how hard things have been in your life – don’t give up. Love is all around you. Love will find you – but you have to let it in.”

No Fear

For when strange noises are bugging you and frightening you in the night or when you feel wobbly in your tummy with no end in sight.

No fear is for the sensitive and timid child who feels fearful a lot of the time. No fear wants us to know that everyone feels scared sometimes. You are never alone. You will always be loved and looked after by your guardian angels.


When you’re feeling bored or snowed under with homework Plurk will help you lighten up and learn to play and work. (very good for adults as well)

Plurk is for the child who gets stressed about things they have to do and puts way too much pressure on themselves to succeed. Plurk wants you to know that life is fun. Don’t take things toooooo seriously and don’t believe anyone who tries to tell you otherwise.

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