Crossgates Probiotics

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Crossgates Probiotics are live micro-flora supplements given to improve the balance of beneficial micro-flora in the intestinal tract for dogs, calves, piglets, poultry & turkeys

Importantly they are entirely natural substances.

How do Probiotics Work?

Evidence exists that Probiotic micro-flora suppress harmful bacteria such as E.Coli and Salmonella. They are also engaged in beneficial activities such as essential Vitamin production and digestion of food components. They may also have an important role in disease prevention by stimulating the immune system.

When Should Probiotics be Used?

  • Gut Infections
  • Vomiting & Diarrhoea
  • Antibiotic Therapy
  • Dietary Changes
  • Travel
  • Stress
  • Following Surgery & Anaesthesia
  • Poor Appetite

Our Probiotic is a soluble powder for addition to the animals daily food or water and is suitable for all dogs, calves, piglets, poultry & turkeys


Protexin Probiotic: Total Viable count:2×10  CFU/g

Enterococcus faecium M74 (NCIMB 10415) No.13 Regulation No. 2437/2000/EU

Other: Dextrose Monohydrate.

2g measuring scoop included

Our probiotics are available in 100g, 300g, 750g. Awaiting stocks of 10kg